Scarlett Demetro grabbed 1
Scarlett Demetro grabbed 2
Scarlett Demetro grabbed 3
Scarlett Demetro grabbed 4

Blonde bombshell Scarlett Demetro is tied very tight by the evil Brenda! Much to her horror, Brenda just LOVES playing with her huge boobs, and Scarlett is completely powerless to stop her! Brenda torments poor Scarlett by grabbing, groping, pinching and even slapping those big boobs! She just keeps coming back, and who can blame her! Wouldn't you love to play with those boobs all day!!?

Boob grabbed in leather straps 1
Boob grabbed in leather straps 2
Boob grabbed in leather straps 3
Boob grabbed in leather straps 4

I may have tied Denise too tight. The leather straps on her body are very very uncomfortable, and to make matters worse, I make her lie on her breasts, squeezing them from behind. Double handed grabbing for my favorite victim! She can not protest anyway, not with that super tight harness ballgag on her face!